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Eccleston Elementary School

Phase 1: construct a new 2·story school, retention pond, sanitary, water, gas, fire lines, parking lots, bus turnaround, site irrigation, landscaping and fencing. Phase 2: demo existing school and infrastructure. Construct new athletic field, basketball courts, site improvements. Install temporary canopy & lights, re-stripe parking lot located at south side of existing school. Phase 3: […]

Edgewater High School Kitchen Modification

This project included the demolition of the dry storage area and new construction of a food processing operation.  The demolition incorporated the removal of the existing concrete slab and the underground utilities for the immediate area.  The acoustical ceiling system was removed and the above ceiling utilities were reconfigured to accommodate the introduction of the […]

Jones High School HVAC & Electrical Upgrades

This project consisted of removal of existing boiler, including but not limited, to pumps and controller. New electric heat for all buildings, new Energy Management System (EMS) for entire campus, upgrades to the electrical services to the campus for new heaters and restore as work progresses. Restoration all surfaces that have been impacted to match […]

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