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GOAA Hyatt VIP Guest Suites Kitchen Upgrades

ACY was responsible for existing kitchen demolition in the VIP guest suites. ACY performed installation of cabinets, under-cabinet light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures; the installation/application of finishes, including tile, grout and painting. Name and Location of Project: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Hyatt VIP Guest Suites Kitchen Upgrades Market: Hospitality Client: Orlando International Airport Hyatt […]

Miriada Condo Sidewalk

ACY was responsible for removing loose brick pavers in multiple location, as well as existing soil. ACY was also responsible for installing new sub-base of concrete, brick pavers, new concrete border, and new drain lines tied into the existing corrugated pipe areas. Four inch sidewalks were also installed where existing brick pavers had been removed. […]