Edgewater High School Kitchen Modification

This project included the demolition of the dry storage area and new construction of a food processing operation.  The demolition incorporated the removal of the existing concrete slab and the underground utilities for the immediate area.  The acoustical ceiling system was removed and the above ceiling utilities were reconfigured to accommodate the introduction of the new equipment.  Exterior construction included the construction of a concrete equipment pad that would support the compressor and remote condensing unit.  The compressor required extensive plumbing and was introduced to provide high quality air to the food packaging equipment.  The remote condensing unit was piped-in to provide service for the newly installed walk-in cooler.  This kitchen modernization also included installation of epoxy flooring, stainless steel food prep tables, reach-in coolers, a digitally-monitored washing station, insta-hot sinks, independent auxiliary air-conditioning and dry storage shelving.  This is an area processing location for the Department of Food and Nutrition Services – OCPS.

Name and Location of Project: Edgewater High School Kitchen Modification, 3100 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL 32804
Market: K-12, Hospitality
Client: Orange County Public Schools
Date Project was Completed: April 2014
Size of Project: 600 SF
Cost of Project: $283,442

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