Eccleston Elementary School

  • Phase 1: construct a new 2·story school, retention pond, sanitary, water, gas, fire lines, parking lots, bus turnaround, site irrigation, landscaping and fencing.
  • Phase 2: demo existing school and infrastructure. Construct new athletic field, basketball courts, site improvements. Install temporary canopy & lights, re-stripe parking lot located at south side of existing school.
  • Phase 3: add additional boys and girls restroom at PE area.

Name and Location of Project: Eccleston Elementary School 1500 Aaron Avenue Orlando, FL 32811
Market: K-12
Client: Orange County Public Schools
Date Project was Completed: January 2014
Size of Project: 78,944 SF
Cost of Project: $8,521,310
This project was completed by Williams Company, in association with ACY Contractors.

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