Admin Area DEG Building Florist Materials Lift

Work consists of the installation and coordination of Owner-furnished Custom Industrial Products Modular "VM" Stylev R.C. 1,000 pound rating material lift at the client's Entertainment Building Florist Dept. Install of removable bollards with hand grips to protect the lift. Install aluminum closure to fill in gap in the pit on the motor side of the lift. Provide power and grounding to the lift. Paint all new surfaces to match existing surfaces that are being tied into, handrails, etc. Modification to existing fencing and support steel.
Name and Location of Project: Admin Area DEG Building Florist Materials Lift Orlando, FL 32830
Market: Entertainment
Client: Theme Park
Date Project was Completed: April 21, 2015
Size of Project: Misc
Cost of Project: Private

Project Gallery:

Disney Florist Materials Lift Pic 2