Chain of Lakes MS Capital Renewal

This project consists of adding vision window at serving line wall in the cafeteria; replacing acoustical sound attenuation panels and acoustical ceiling tile in the music building and cafeteria; replacing scoreboard and sound system, and refinishing wood floor, including re-striping, for Gymnasium; replacing energy management system (EMS) controls in all buildings campus-wide; test and balance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in all buildings campus-wide including duct and damper modifications to accommodate current space design loads; replacing the existing cooling tower; replacing the existing emergency generator, adding lightning protection system to all buildings campus-wide.

Name and Location of Project: Chain of Lakes MS Capital Renewal, 8700 Conroy Windermere Road, Orlando, FL 32835
Market: K-12
Client: Orange County Public Schools
Date Project was Completed: December 2015
Size of Project: 157,000 SF
Cost of Project: $1,700,300

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