Amway Arena Parking Lots

ACY provided Design-Build Services for the VIP Parking Lot at Hughey Avenue and South Street and Hardscape installation. ACY transformed the property used during as a staging area during the construction of the Amway Arena and converted it to a 50 space parking lot. The following was provided during construction:

  • Sitework inclusive of Site Preparation and rough grading
  • Site utilities primarily installation of storm drainage and site electrical
  • Asphalt paving and concrete curbs as required for parking spaces with associated wheel stops and striping
  • Landscaping consisting of island shrubs, small trees, ground cover, and irrigation The design work for the project consisted of Topographical Survey, Geotechnical Services, Site      
  • Lighting and Electrical Design, Landscape/Irrigation Design, and Civil permitting through City of Orlando and SJRWMD.

Name and Location of Project: Amway Arena Parking Lots 400 West Church Street Orlando, FL 32801
Market: Religious/Public Assembly
Client: Turner Construction Company
Date Project was Completed: May 2011
Size of Project: 50 Space Lot
Cost of Project: $895,000

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